The Mirror Me Joy Photo Booth will bring fun, JOY, silliness, laughter, and so much more once your guests walk up to the magical, enchanting, and interactive mirror. Everybody wants their event to be the one that people will be raving and posting about. Guess what…having the Mirror Me Joy Photo Booth is a great way to make that happen.

The infectious laughter coming from a photo booth entices other guests to partake in the silliness a… and when everybody is having fun, well, that makes for a great party

Leo and Bernadette have been married for 36 years. God has blessed them with three wonderful children, whom are now married to their loving spouses. They are now loving, enjoying, and spoiling three beautiful granddaughters. Their family truly loves to take pictures. What a better way to start a fun business is with a photo booth; but, specifically the Mirror Me Booth. It brings them such JOY to see people having fun, being silly, and just the sound of laughter on people is priceless. Hence, they added JOY on their business name because it truly reflects the nature of the business. They are on this business venture to spread JOY and fun to people.

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